Armistice Day Tour - 8-11 November 2014

Sully Supervisor Michael Frey, having had invited representatives from Chantilly France to the 2012 Chantilly Day activities here in Virginia, found that turnabout is fair play. Supervisor Frey, AKA the Mayor of Chantilly, was invited in turn to attend the combination of the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One and Armistice Day activities in Chantilly, France.  Karrie Delaney, the Sully Representative to the Fairfax County Library Board, accomplished much of the legwork involved with this invitation during a trip she had taken to France earlier in 2014.

Once the library was involved, it was only natural for representatives of the Chantilly Regional Library to join the entourage, and so Daria Parnes, Branch Manager, and Claudia MacDonald, Circulation Manager, were invited. Last, Daria’s husband Jeff, Vice President of the Sully District Council of Citizens Association, and a long time friend of Michael’s, joined to make it a five-some.

Although the pictures here represent those taken by various members of the tour group, most were taken by Jeff.  Follow the short tour link above for an abbreviated selection of photos or follow the our trip link for a day by day accounting

Chantilly to Chantilly