Three and a half years after we last made this trip, John Litzenberger, Jeff’s fraternal twin (being his Alpha Phi Omega fraternity brother and having the same birthday), John’s son Jack, and Jeff took a day trip on Amtrak to see Syracuse play St. John’s in Madison Square Garden. Meeting us in Penn Station were Jeff’s brother Howard, his nephew Louis, and his boyhood best friend Alan Gross. We stopped for pizza at Spinelli’s on 7th Avenue, saw Syracuse lose, and then headed to the New Yorker Hotel just blocks from the station where Sarah, Andy, and Jacob had just arrived to spend four days in the city.  Andy joined us for another visit to a pizzeria (Famous Famigellia on 8th Avenue), where this time we varied our diet by having calzones instead of pizza.

Having some time before our rebooked return trip, Jeff, John and Jack took the IRT 1 train down to World Trade Center site. After a short stay in the midst of hushed crowds, we returned to Penn Station for our trip to Washington’s Union Station.

Enjoy our trip

One World Trade Center from

the south pool

The south pool

In the lobby of the New Yorker Hotel