Alan Myron Gross

In Memorial



Alan and I grew up together. We were destined to be friends. Our mothers had met each other during WWII at canteens for military personal soon to defend our country. They met again in 1952 when they were throwing away the day’s trash in the incinerator room where they had both moved to Flushing, Queens.

Alan was a year behind me in school, but two years ahead of my brother Howard. The three of us traveled together, sometimes in our younger years accompanied by the infamous Louis Pearlman.

Alan loved media (music, the press, TV, etc,) blimps and the Firesign Theatre. As teenagers we made parodies of TV shows, after college he worked as intern at a local TV station. He video taped performances of the Firesign Theatre, artist Jim Dawson, airships (check out his YouTube channel AirshipAl). He eventually became a subject master expert on lighter than air vehicles and spoke at various gatherings. The collection he amassed was sought after by  several institutes and he eventually bequeathed it to the University of Akron

My Best Friend